Rucksana Visits Selfridges Beauty Hall

This weekend i was lucky enough to be invited to what was my first personal shopping event. I was invited by the wonderful Rose of MixedGemsBeauty, who is Birmingham’s first personal beauty shopper, to take part in a complimentary consultation and experience first had the magic that lies in the Selfridges Beauty hall in Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping. It was an hour long trip around the beauty hall which has recently undergone a major facelift.


So with much excitement and along with my beautiful friend the lovely Sheenie from Just Nice things who happens to be a mutual friend of Rose and I, off i popped to Selfridges for an afternoon of makeup and fun!

Meeting Rose was definitely the highlight of the day, she is such a lovely and warm person, who is gorgeous and I felt like I had known her forever, there was no awkwardness at all, it was like 2 good friends coming together. I must also mention Rose’s makeup, two words MIND BLOWING. She has some epic skills (Rose I want you as my personal makeup artist)


So after meeting Rose and have a bit of a gossip, she went on to tell us about her role in Selfridges and what she plans, she took myself and Sheenie on a tour of the Selfridges beauty hall. Now i am certainly no stranger to the oasis that is the beauty hall, however since my last visit there have been some major changes to a lot of the counters and also the introduction of the most talked about and makeup launches; Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup has been available in London for about a year now, but the counter has only just opened in Birmingham. Rose introduced us to the brand and we were lucky enough to have a introduction to the brand my the brand manager Charley. Then myself and Sheenie were assigned our own personal Makeup Artist and given a beauty makeover, or as I like to call an hour of pure heaven and luxury. I was assigned the lovely Isabel, who took charge of my face and transformed to something fit for the Hollywood red carpet.



Having a personal consultation was great, Isabel was an absolute pleasure and was very informative about all the products from the brand, which helps, all too many times I have come across a Makeup Artist working on a counter who has no idea about the products they are selling (you know who you are) . Isabel concentrated on my skin, and introduced me to products from CT’s Skincare range (i didn’t even know she did skin care) she started of my cleansing my face with what has to be the most luxurious cleanser in the whole of beauty world, the Multi Miracle cleanser mask and balm that can be used in 3 different ways. It smelt out of this world!

Overall I was very impressed by the welcome I received from Rose and all the lovely people she introduced myself and Sheenie to, being the one and only personal beauty shopper, Rose is offering an invaluable and much needed service to the City of Birmingham. Despite being England’s second largest city and home to some of the most impressive shopping locations in Europe, there has been a lack of things for beauty addicts to take part in, even in the beauty hall there are still some famous brands that us Brummie girls are unable to get our paws on, so with Rose comes the hope that all that is about to change and soon Birmingham will be the beauty capital of Europe!!

It will only cost £30 which is redeemable to book Rose.

There is also a special event for Eid taking place during the last week of Ramadan and again is the first of its kind (more information will be available on my twitter and blog when I have it) so keep a look out for that.



Thank you Rose for inviting me and Thank you to Sheenie to coming all the way from London (and for taking all the amazing pictures)

R xxx


Hi Abie :)

Hi Abie..!!!! It was great seeing you today, I will most certainly come and see you Thursday..!!

Take care…love you xxx


I have a New Blog

Hi everyone.

As a lot of you might know, alongside makeup I also love reading. So have decided to set up a new blog dedicated to all things literature.

Walking in a Reading Wonderland

I would appreciate if you could all support my new blog just as you have been supporting my beauty blog.

I will of course be continuing with blogging about beauty related goodies, Walking in a Beauty Wonderland is here to stay for good.

So head on over to my new home on the world wide web.

See you over there I hope 🙂

R xxx

Rucksana’s…Top 5 MAC products

Rucksana’s Top 5 MAC products…


I have a love/hate relationship with MAC, I find it awfully hard parting with my money to buy something from MAC  but then there are some things from MAC that I know are of very high quality and i have no problem in investing in.

I think my problems with MAC are, the Sales Assistants, they are always very pushy, they never leave you alone and most of the times I just want to be left to my own devices and peruse the makeup counter at my own pace. I don’t need to be constantly followed around. Another problem I have with MAC is that some of the products cost too much but the quality is debatable. However there are some products I have from MAC that i absolutely love and will buy again and again and again…


MAC Face and Body Foundation.

I have never had any success with MAC foundations before buying F&B. Face and Body is  very light textured foundation tint, it isn’t quite a tinted moisturiser but Face and Body doesn’t offer much in the way of coverage. Now personally i much prefer light coverage foundation, just to even out my skin a bit and Face and Body does just that. It is very fluid and needs a good shake before use, but you apply this to the face it almost thickens and sets. I love how it makes my skin look very natural and is a very good base for the application. Face and Body is water body so does need a good shake but once on the skin it sets which for me makes it a winner in the summer months, as it is rather  light so, can hardly feel it but also because it sets there is no risk of getting a melted face… :s

The finish of Face and Body is dewy, it contains no SPF and as the name suggests can be used on the body too.

I have had my bottle for a year and there hasn’t been a week in the year I’ve had that I’ve not reached for it, I love this stuff.

MAC Face and Body retails are £26.50 for 120 ml.


MAC Painterly Paintpot.. Ahhh Painterly will always have a special place in my heart, it was my very first MAC purchase…however it wasn’t always a firm favourite…in fact when I first got this, I, well I hated it. I initially had gone to buy Bare Study, but it was out of stock and the Sales Assistant managed to sell Painterly to me, but I hated it as soon as I walked away from the MAC counter.  I did use it a few times and hated it more, in my opinion it was to matte and cakey and truth be told I had wanted Bare Study so much I wasn’t prepared to give it a chance to prove itself. I then went got Bare Study and Painterly was relegated to the back of my MAC drawer and forgotten about. I then remember Bare Study creasing on my lids and I never touched it again. It wasn’t until Cami from CamilovesKiwi, mentioned Painterly in one of her videos that something in my brain started ticking and I went and gave Painterly another chance and fell in love with it. I used it under my Bourjois intense eyeshadow and was so pleasantly surprised, it grabbed hold on the shadow giving maximum amount of pigmentation possible and it lasted for hours. Suffice to say, since this occurrence I have used Painterly every day, it is now my preferred choice of eyeshadow primer and has not disappointed me since. MAC Paintpots Retail at £14.50 for 5g


MAC  Fluidline

Are you looking for a gel eyeliner that is, very black, long lasting and pretty cost effective? Than MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline is your answer. I have had this for over a year and I absolutely love it. I purchased this after using up the Maybelline gel liner but not wanting to repurchase due to its dodgy packaging I decided to try  and I am very glad I did.  is very easy to apply, it doesn’t drag and you do get a few seconds to play around with it once it sets. Once it has set it doesn’t budge and lasts for many hours. It sits well on just bare eyelids or on top of eyeshadow. I find that it doesn’t smudge or flake or crack like some gel liners can tend to do. I have also used this on my waterline and as it sets last for a good portion of the day and doesn’t irritate the eyelids or cause them to water. However a while ago, I forgot to screw put the lid back and it wasn’t until 2 days later I remembered, however in that time my  had not dried out and remained nice and emollient. Very very impressive. MAC Fluidlines retail at £14.00 for 3g


MAC Old Gold Pigment

I got this at Christmas and I must admit I love it. Now MAC pigments are very hit and miss, some are very chunky and others very powdery, this is neither. This is a very smooth, finely milled pigment that has a very metallic finish and applies beautifully. Old Gold is gold with a green duo chrome, it is the colour that old gold tends to turn to, a tarnished gold colour. It is a very pretty colour, I love anything with a green undertone or a duo chrome as it really is flattering on brown eyes and this conforms to all of my expectations. MAC Pigments retail for 316.50 for 4.5g


MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

Saving the best till last, if I had to choose only one product from MAC I do suspect that this lipstick would be it. A very blue toned fuchsia it is almost magenta, this lipstick takes no prisoners. It is a very vibrant and bold lipstick, if you are into bright lips than this is one that you really need to have in your collection if on the other hand you are intimidated by colour than stay away from this because if I had to use one word to describe GAT it would be intimidating. But I like that. It is an amplified cream, it applies to the lips beautifully and isn’t drying on the lips nor does it sink into lines, cracks or cling to dry skin. GAT is enough to offset any makeup and is best paired with a black flick and let it do the talking, its not the kind to play nicely with heavy eyes. There are many replicas of GAT available on the market and I do have a lot of fuchsia lipsticks, however none of them are an exact dupe for the infamous Girl About Town.MAC Lipsticks retail for £14.00 for 3g.

So, these are my top picks from MAC cosmetics, I envisage using these for many years to come.

What are your favourite MAC picks..?

R xxx

Rucksana’s…25 Random Facts

I’ve been seeing this tag on a few blogs and i thought i would join in and do 25 random facts about me that you may not know. So here we go…

1)      I am 24 years old and my birthday is in October. I love my birthday and every year get very excited about it. I know people say that the older you get the more you dread your birthday but I am the exact opposite, the older i get the more excited I tend to get…*only 7 months to go*

2)      I hail from the wonderland city of Birmingham, born and bred. I’m from the south of the city, the most prestigious part of town

3)      I an a practicing Muslim and very proud to be one

4)      I am a very confident person and have a very strong personality. I don’t suffer fools and if I am not happy with something, no matter what it is, I will say so. This can relate to anything, if I don’t think things are right or fair, rest assured I’ll speak up.

5)      I am an extremely good judge of character. I can usually figure out what a person is really within about 10 minutes of meeting someone. So if you put on a false facade, fear not ill see right through it.

6)      My favourite TV show of all time is, Only Fools and Horses. I cannot even begin the amount of love I have for Del Boy and Rodney. I can sit and watch the same episode over and over  again, can recognise what episode I’m watching from the opening scene. I’m a huge OFAH fan. My favourite episode though is “Mother Nature’s Son” the one where the Trotters start selling tap water. Lovely Jubbly

7)      I’ve had the same singer, Nafees,  on loop since March 2012. Now where music is concerned I tend to get bored very easily, so to have the same few songs on repeat by the same singer is a huge testament of how great this singer is, truly one of the greatest singers ever.

8)      I am a huge bookworm, I love reading and really sinking my teeth into a good book. I really like big books that take weeks to get through and I like to take my time and really analyse the story and become friends with the characters so to speak.

9)      I hate summer with a passion.

10)   However I love winter and cold weather in general. Give me rain, snow and wind any day of the week.

11)   I love cream eggs

12)   I love Diet Coke, I live off the stuff

13)   I work in the Education sector and I love my job. But I would gladly give it up for a career in the police force. I’ve always dreamt of being a cop.

14)   I drive a purple car, well its lilac, but it’s one step closer to having a pink car. I used to drive  a red car, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time,  ended in my beloved C3 to lose it life…RIP

15)   I have a beautiful black Cat called Jessie, he’s the light of my life, just a little docile

16)   I work best under pressure, I just love the buzz of deadlines and working solidly makes the adrenaline really pump and I absolutely thrive of that feeling. This is why I will never panic or stress about an essay or an exam, in fact quite the opposite.

17)   I worry about everything, sometimes it can be really frustrating, other times I drive myself crazy with worry thinking something will happen, when in reality nothing ever does.

18)   I hate having my photo taken

19)   I like big words, nothing gives me more pleasure than using long words in conversation.

20)   I like to keep myself to myself. I’m a very private person and in the past have been described as an enigma and id say that is somewhat true, i play my cards very close to my chest.

21)   When I was 6 I drank Lenor the fabric softener, in my defense it was in a beautiful pink bottle and I assumed it would taste nice, it didn’t

22)             If when you first meet you think I’m a little weird or a bit of a rarity, then chances are we will be the greatest of friends

23)   I’m a clean freak, I like things to be neat and tidy and put back in their rightful places

24)   I always get told I’m rather mature for my age, I don’t know if this is true but its certainly a nice compliment

25)   I have 2 fears, a fear of being sick, and of the number 8…

So there you have 25 random facts about myself, I must admit thinking about 25 things and ensuring they were interesting was actually quite hard. What can I say, I’m obviously not as interesting as I thought I was :p

Rucksana Reviews…Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Rimmel’s latest foundation offering in the new and innovative “wake me up” foundation. Now contrary to the name, it doesn’t wake you up every morning like an alarm clock, but wouldn’t that be a great start to any dull day being awoken by a makeup product..? anyway enough digression, the premise behind WMU is giving the illusion of having had 10 hours sleep and waking up looking refreshed and ready to start the day, when in reality we have struggled to get a goodnight sleep and are surviving on a mere 4 or so hours and look anything but fresh and serene.


WMU contains properties that give a lit from within radiant glow and cause an anti fatigue effect. It makes the skin look fresh and polished as well as containing moisturising complexes that allow a plump supple feel. Once on the skin it sits in synergy with the skin and blends in rather effortlessly, it gives the “my skin but better” illusion. The aim of this foundation isn’t to cover up imperfections and blemishes but rather to give a feel of having healthy glowing and well rested skin. This foundation offers a light a sheer coverage which I prefer. If you have problematic skin then this isn’t the foundation for you, containing an SPF of 15, this is perfectly formulated for spring and summer, when you don’t want to be wearing a lot of makeup but want glowing skin. Due to the addition of SPF this foundation would not be suitable for occasions with flash photography due to the risk of flashback.

The foundation can be applied in whatever way you find works best for you. Personally I use the ELF powder brush and buff this into the skin. WMU blends effortlessly, once buffed in it is hard to tell whether there is any foundation on the skin as it buff right in. It looks very natural.

My skin is dry and I have no problem in foundations lasting a good 10-12 hours on my skin without the use of a primer without needing to touch ups, however with the WMU I struggle to get 6 hours out of this before I need to wash it off. For reasons unbeknown to me, at around the 4 hour mark this foundation makes me shiny which I can live with, a bit of shine isn’t going to kill anyone, but at around the 6 hour mark it becomes unbearable , I can feel it on my skin and when I touch my face I can actually feel it with my hands that there is foundation on my face, feels a bit like greasy sweat, it is a horrible and rather uncomfortable sensation and as soon as I begin to feel it, I need to wash my face ASAP. I can’t help but think that it is due to the added moisturising complex that is causing WMU to behave in this fashion or something else in the ingredients that isn’t quiet agreeing with my skin.

I really like the packaging, I think it’s really cute and something different. It comes in a square glass bottle with Rimmel embossed on the outside, it makes a change from the majority of the cylindrical bottles that majority of foundations come in and are little boring. This has an orange pump and lid, the combination of both makes this easily recognisable, especially if you have a lot of foundations.



Rimmel Wake Me Up is available from most places that stock Rimmel and Online.

Despite the obvious flaw in this foundation, I cant help but still really like this foundation. It blends onto the skin effortlessly without leaving any visible signs of foundation, due to its light texture it pretty hard to get the “caked in makeup”, it looks natural and leaves the skin looking fresh and healthy. However due to the problems I have encountered with this foundation, it is not one I could on rely on to last a whole day. Nevertheless I have no qualms on using this to go out shopping or to meet with friends, somewhere where I won’t be spending a lot of time, i wouldn’t reach for this foundation for a special occasion or a day at work.

I award Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 6/10

R xxx

Rucksana’s January Favourites

Already in February, time has no plans on slowing down it seem. The start of a new month brings with it monthly favourites.

So during the month of January my favourites have been:

Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool. I ordered this at the beginning of January and it arrived in a week and I have been in love with since, it is amazing, i use this in conjunction with the Organic Surge Face Wash and it leaves my skin, clean and baby soft and since I’ve been using this combination I have had no breakouts (touch wood) amazing.


Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool

The Organic Surge Daily Care face wash. I am literally scared of face washes, having dry skin, I find that most face washes leave my skin feeling tight and dry and I loathe that feeling. This is different, made with essential oil, it leaves my skin soft and clean without it tight, what I like most about this is that seems to leave a light layer of oil on my skin, and I love that feeling. Although this does smell a little like Baby Bio.


Organic Surge Daily Care face wash

The Organic surge Super intensive daily moisturiser and the overnight sensation night cream. Again I have been loving using and my skin has thanked me, both of the moisturisers are water based and into the sink almost instantly, leaving it feeling soft, and hydrated.


L to R: Super intensive daily moisturizer and Overnight sensation night cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream has been an absolute saviour for my lips, a light layer of this leaves my lips feeling moisturised for days, this is also great for dry patches around the face, I had a patch of dry on my upper lip and this cleared it up without any problem.


8 Hour Cream

Vivo BB Cream

I am not really a fan of BB creams, I haven’t really found that I like or one that actually matches my skin apart from this and I have used this constantly this month. It is light coverage, but just enough to hide any imperfections, it is more like a really light foundation. It smoothes the skin out and leaves it looking really radiant and fresh which I like.


Vivo Beauty Balm: Dark

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Fantasme

For whatever reason, I’ve been somewhat in love with glitter this month. I think my brain still thinks it’s Christmas. I have been using this on the lids with a bit of liner and that is it. I love this product, it’s like diamonds on the eyes.


Chanel Fantasme

Armani Eyes to Kill Number 4, a new addition to my collection, this is a grey eyeshadow with pink reflects. Aas well as the colour being truly exquisite, these eyeshadows have amazing last power, without the use of primer. I can see myself getting more of these in the near future.


Armani Eyes to Kill: Number 4

This month I have not used any blusher, for whatever reason I have hated blusher on my skin and many times have applied it and then proceeded to remove it instantly. What I have been liking is really highlighted cheeks to create a lit from within glow, and the product I have used for that is the highlighter from the vivo blush and highlighter duo. The highlighter is a sheer highlighter and finely milled so doesn’t sit on skin but blends in giving the illusion of glow emitting from within.


Vivo Blush and Highlight Duo

Finally I have been totally head over heels in love with Rimmels Apocalips. These have only just been released and I went to buy them on the day they hit the shelves. They are liquid lipsticks; they go on really opaque and dry to a semi matte finish. They last about 4 hours on my lips and they wear off really nicely, they don’t leave the horrible tide marks or sink into the lips as some long lasting lipsticks can do. My new favourite lip products.


Rimmel Apocalips

Non Beauty Favourites.

Kindle Fire HD. What an amazing little gadget, I paid extra to get next day delivery and since have downloaded many books and games. I do intend to use this a lot for blogging too. It really is a great gadget, I know many people think that Apple and iPads are the be all of technology but I don’t. And I am very glad I purchased, I love it.


Windfall by Penny Vincenzi

I am a huge fan of Penny Vincenzi novels, and this took me about a week to read. It based around a lady called Cassia, who after years of being trapped in an unhappy marriage comes into a large some of money as inheritance. She decided to use that money to accomplish her dreams that her husband has been against and start living for herself, but her new found wealth brings with it heartache and hatred and change in direction of her well. And the money that she believes was from an inheritance isn’t quite what it seems. I was engrossed into this book from the first page and was quite sad to finish it.

So they were my most used products of the month of January. I wonder what products will make it into my February favourites.

R xxx